ContentFocus is built by the team at Glu IO.

I (Glenn — founder of Glu IO) have long found it difficult to maintain a regular habit of writing new content, be it for my personal site or for the products I've been working on. While I was travelling I discovered that I found it much easier to get into the writing groove while I was on my iPad. I think it was a combination of the mental context shift away from the tools and environment I associate with work and into a more creative mode, along with the reduced number of distractions available on an iPad.

Within a few days I'd drafted more blog posts than I had in the previous 2 years, but when it came to publishing them I fell into a familiar time sink — I was wasting time trying to get my writing off my iPad and even more time formatting it into something visually appealing.

All of the solutions I looked at fell short of what I needed. They either didn't work well for publishing on mobile devices, couldn't be run on my own domain (and keeping control of my content and my brand was important!), were difficult to extend, or had a history of security issues that I didn't feel comfortable risking my business with. And above all else they added friction to a workflow I was already bad at maintaining. I needed something that met all these requirements but above all else kept out of my way.

ContentFocus is the result. I hope you find it as liberating and motivating to use as I have. If you have any feedback get in touch via hello@getglu.io.